Processing of cashews involves unique combination of traditional and state-of-the-art technology to get maximum output with best Quality Standard.

Recipe for Tasty, Crispy & Hygienic Cashews!!

The Hand Picked Raw Cashew Nuts are Sun Dried to reduce moisture that helps in preserving and storing of Raw Cashew Nut for entire year. Immature and Oily Nuts are separated during the sun drying process which ensures storage of only Quality Raw Cashew Nuts.

Production process ensures Boiling of Raw Cashew Nuts in steam based boiler fired by natural/LPG gas. The proper steaming of Raw Cashew is the first step to ensure that cashew nuts will be white in color.

The Second step Involves shelling of raw cashew nuts to get cashew kernels which are in Natural form. We take care during the Shelling process to ensure that cashew nuts are not broken and remain in original shape.

The Third step involves drying/roasting of wet cashew kernels in oven to remove moisture present in cashew kernels for peeling of white cashew kernels from the finest of raw nuts.

The Fourth step Involves peeling of Chilka (Cashew Husk) from the then dried Natural Cashew Kernels. Utmost care is taken during peeling of cashews, since rough peeling of cashews can leave scratch marks on surface of cashew kernels.

Grading department takes utmost care in selecting and grading finest quality of kernels as per exports standards. We follow a strict rule of non mixing of Lower grades of cashews with Higher grades – a custom followed by many factories to reduce price of cashew kernels for competing.Re drying of Cashew Kernels is done to maintain moisture level and hence it ensures that only Crispy & Tasty Nuts are ready to serve our quality conscious customers.

Finally, packaging department ascertains that the finest of nuts are been properly packed in hygienic conditions, to keep our kernels fresh, crispy and tasty. Cashews are packed in Food Grade Tins (10 Kgs Tins), 200 & 500 Grams Food Quality packs as ordered/required by customers.

Hence, Each and Every cashews packed are precisely considered by our passionate team who diligently process the handpicked raw cashews that are subject to stringent quality control throughout the production and packaging process.